Givn Drammen

The giftcard for dining experiences in Drammen. First class local restaurants.

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Restaurants in Drammen

These restaurants are included on the giftcard.

dining experiences with Givn
8 hours ago
NOK 800 spent in La Trattoria
last week
NOK 1,300 spent in Vertshuset Oscar & Stallen
4 months ago
NOK 1,000 spent in Singh Saab

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Givn Drammen can also be used in other restaurants near Drammen.

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Traff bursdagsbarnet rett i hjertet og magen 😊
Stein Erik, Byåsen
Fint å få noe som man ikke unner seg ellers.
Lise, Sandnes
Koste meg skikkelig når jeg skulle velge restaurant. Mange jeg ikke visste om fra før.
Ann-Mari, Nordstrand
Mamma og Pappa har alt, så da passet det bra å gi de litt kvalitetstid sammen i julegave.
Marielle, Åsane

Questions & answers

Can the gift card be used multiple times?

Yes, the recipient can use the gift card several times in multiple places. Until the value is used up.

What does the gift card look like?

The gift cards have different designs, depending on how you choose to give it.

The printable version you print yourself has a nice design that is suitable for putting in an envelope or gift box. The digital version is suitable for viewing on a mobile phone and has useful features such as balance, maps and more.

Can I buy now and give the giftcard later?

Yes. You will receive the gift card immediately after you have paid, but you can wait to print or send it via SMS until later.

How do you find a lost gift card?

You can safely and easily search for gift cards that have been lost via "Your gift cards" on Or by contacting Givn.

For how long are the gift cards valid?

The gift cards are valid for one year. By using our Extension Guarantee, the recipient can ask us to extend the validity period at any time.

Can I add text and images?

Yes. You can attach a personal greeting and photo to the gift card when you deliver via SMS or with a QR code.

Are there any fees?

Individuals do not pay any fees. You only pay for the value of the gift cards you purchase. There are also no fees for the recipient of the gift cards.

Companies pay a service fee to Givn for using the business solution.

A practical giftcard

SMS reminders
Ding! Always nice to have a reminder in a busy life. We send friendly reminders via SMS when we see that the recipient may have forgotten their gift.
Extension guarantee
Not enough time to use the gift card before the expiry date? No problem! We extend it, without any questions. We call it "Extension warranty".
Digital register
Gift cards from Givn are always linked to name and telephone number. If it is lost, we always find it again in our systems.

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