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Gift card at Catcafe
Belongs to phone no. 90 00 43 92
Gift card at Catcafe
To Annbjørg · From Martin
Hi. Remember to use the gift card from mom at Cafébaren.
Hooray! Mona has opened the gift from you.
Really cool way to give gift cards, recipient became curious when he received a text message about gift cards on the way. Seems like a safe purchase. Nice with a reminder to use it!
Inger A
Bought gift card December 2021
Easy and fast solution for buying gift cards when you do not have the opportunity to go to the restaurant to do so.
Josefine M
Bought gift card December 2021
Easy to understand. Good user experience.
Anita N
Bought gift card December 2021
Very good experience. User-friendly solution, easy and nice / warm texts.
Solveig H
Bought gift cards March 2022
Easy to buy, especially liked the possibility of the QR code as an extra thrill. Good with many options for payment.
Hanne HK
Bought giftcards February 2022
Easy to buy — great that you can choose the time when the lucky one is allowed to open their gift. Make the surprise extra exciting.
Tone M
Bought gift card January 2022
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