About Givn

Givn is a marketplace that helps you give experiences as gifts. Instead of material things.

Restaurant 1877 A wonderful dining experience at Restaurant 1877 is one of the gifts you can give with Givn

Gifts are value choices

Experiences or material things? When we buy gifts, we make value choices. Thousands of small choices that together have great significance for our society.

Givn wants to be an alternative to giving "things and things" as gifts. That's why you won't find any shopping centers or international chains with us. Only local short-travel experiences.

A better model for gift cards

Our business model is to take a share of the fee from the companies that sell gift cards on our platform. We earn neither more nor less on gift cards that are not used.

This allows us to create better user experiences and consumer-friendly arrangements, such as reminders and extended guarantees.

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Local businesses
Consumer-friendly gift cards
Traditional gift cards
Shops and shopping centres
National / international chains
Impractical plastic cards that are lost or forgotten


Foto: Victoria Zegler - Redd Barna
March 2023
Givn inngår unikt gavekort-samarbeid med Redd Barna
Noen ganger passer det ikke å bruke siste rest av gavekortet. Nå kan du gi et valgfritt beløp til Redd Barna med Givn.
October 2023
PwC ga 2300 ansatte en matopplevelse i julegave
Konsulenthuset PwC ønsket å gi sine ansatte en lokal matopplevelse i julegave. Etter å ha vurdert ulike alternativer, falt valget på Givn.
A fish jumping from one bowl to another.

Givn - a corona baby

Givn was born out of the ticket company Hoopla in 2021. As a result of the corona pandemic, ticket sales fell drastically. Instead of laying off our super talented people, we started the side project Givn.

The side project was a success, and Givn was spun off as its own independent company. Givn is a real corona child!

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Givn Norge AS
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Givn Norge AS
Sorgenfriveien 9, 7031 Trondheim
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