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Create an online gift card store in 15 minutes. Sell on your own channels and the marketplace Givn.no.

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Lise wants more customers in her bar

She is the general manager at Esaias Vinbar and uses Givn to sell more gift cards.

Employees at 1877 wants to spend less time on gift cards

They serve guests at Restaurant 1877, which uses Givn to make gift cards easy for employees and customers.

Mona wants the best experience for her guests

She runs the salon Mitt Lille Spa and uses Givn to give guests the best experience.

Lise, Mona and
392 other
businesses sell gift cards with Givn
  • Campingen
  • Fagn Restaurant
  • Engø gård
  • Akershusgruppen
  • Bakklandet Deli
  • Stella Polaris
  • Ladekaia
  • Cafe Opera
  • Famille kolonial
  • Sommarøy Hotel
  • Arakataka
  • Kaffelade
  • Bror
  • Jakobs Brød
  • Lager 11
  • Esaias Vinbar
Pappa Pizza
Stone oven-baked pizza with flavors from the continent.
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Our only focus. Gift cards.

Gift cards have fallen behind because your POS supplier is busy making... a better POS system. We focus 100% on making gift cards better - for both you and your customers. Gift cards is an opportunity, not a problem.

  • User-friendly gift cards that you and your customers love.
  • Fast flow when customers pay with the gift cards.
  • Reports that make your accountant cry with joy.
  • And especially; sales that make the boss happy!
Curious? Ask us.
Gift cards took up a lot of time. Fortunately, Givn has fixed it!
Kristian Afzelius
Manager Rodeløkka Invest
(Arakataka, Trattoria Popolare, Happolati ++)
Voucher for the use of gift cards at Pokè Corner
Generated on May 12, 2022
Put gift cards on autopilot

We know, gift cards aren't the thing you want to spend time on. That's why Givn was created to make everyday life with gift cards as easy as possible for you and your employees.

Purchase and payment

Link to your gift card shop at Givn. Customers purchase online. We pay directly to you.

Usage and redemption

Customers redeem gift cards themselves when they pay. Safe and easy.

Finance and Accounting

We send documentation to your accountant every month. So that you don't have to.

Practical questions?
Get more customers

Reaching customers looking to buy a gift is challenging. Timing is everything. In the Givn.no marketplace, you will reach customers who are looking for gifts. We market on Google and other places where people are looking for gifts.

Your channels + Our channels = 📈

Pricing model

You pay a share of your sales as fee (5%).

No start-up costs. No binding contracts. Easy!

Eat & drink
Health & beauty
Activities & experiences
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