Gift cards for employees

Delight your employees with gift cards for fantastic local experiences. Save time and the environment with digital packaging and delivery by SMS.

Pay with business invoice
No fees
Digital delivery
We want our employees to experience things. That's why we buy gift cards through Givn.
Catherine Solem
People & Culture Manager, EGGS Design
Givn saves me an incredible amount of time arranging gifts for employees.
Magnus Sørdal
CEO, Medicus Group

100% local gift cards

Gift cards from Givn cannot be used in shopping centers and large chains. Instead, we have chosen to include fantastic local businesses with personality and soul. Give local quality time as a Christmas gift to your employees 🌱

Givn Norge
Givn Norge
388 lokale bedrifter i Norge
Givn Oslo
Givn Oslo
108 lokale bedrifter i Oslo
Givn Bergen
Givn Bergen
58 lokale bedrifter i Bergen
Givn Trondheim
Givn Trondheim
47 lokale bedrifter i Trondheim
Givn Stavanger
Givn Stavanger
32 lokale bedrifter i Stavanger
Givn Tromsø
Givn Tromsø
11 lokale bedrifter i Tromsø
Givn Tønsberg
Givn Tønsberg
10 lokale bedrifter i Tønsberg
Givn Ålesund
Givn Ålesund
9 lokale bedrifter i Ålesund
Facts about Givn
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gift cards given
4.6 out of 5
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This is how it works...


Order the gift cards yourself on this page, or contact us if you want to talk to us first. Payment is made easily with company invoice (EHF) or company card.

Make it personal

After completing the order, you will receive an e-mail from us. It describes how to make the gift personal with nice customization options. Many employees? Fear not. We give you bulk tools so you don't have to repeat things for each individual.


Most companies choose to deliver the gift cards by SMS, because it is less work and saves the environment. If you deliver by SMS, you typically spend 1-2 hours from ordering until the gifts are delivered. You can also print the gift cards and hand them out yourself.

Coming! Give to charity
In 2023, your employees can choose to give all or part of their gift card to a charitable cause. Contact us for more information.
Questions? Chat with us
Large order?
Then it probably makes sense that we talk first. Fill in the details below, and we'll get in touch asap.
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Questions & answers

What do I do if we have employees in several cities?

Then we recommend buying the "Givn Norge" gift card - which has user locations throughout the country.

For how long are the gift cards valid?

The gift cards are valid for one year. By using our Extension Guarantee, the recipient can ask us to extend the validity period at any time.

Are there any fees?

No, there are no fees. You only pay for the value of the gift cards you buy.

There are also no fees for the recipient of the gift cards.

What is the due date on the invoice?

The due date is 30 days from the date of purchase.

What happens if a gift card is not used?

Funds from gift cards that are not used are paid out to the local businesses that are included in the gift card.

Can the gift cards be donated to charity?

Not yet. But in 2023 we will launch this option. Contact us for more information.

How do I get answers to other questions?
Contact us to get answers to other questions you have.

Companies use Givn for...

Special attentions
Christmas gift

No forgotten gift cards

SMS reminders
Pling! Always nice to have a reminder in a busy everyday life. We send friendly reminders via SMS when we see that the recipient may have forgotten their gift.
Extention warranty
Do you not have time to use the gift card before the expiry date? Zero problem! We'll extend it for you, no questions asked. We call it "Extension warranty".
Impossible to loose
Gavekort fra Givn er alltid koblet opp mot navn og telefonnummer. Mistes det, finner vi det alltid igjen i våre systemer.

Fornøyde bedriftskunder

Choose gift card and order
Choose the gift card for the city where you have your employees. If you have employees in several cities, select "Givn Norge".
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