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Gift cards for restaurants in Mosjøen

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Givn makes it easier to give local experiences as a gift. We have collected the gift cards from 1 restaurants in Mosjøen in one place.
If you buy a gift card with Givn, you also get the peace of mind that the gift card will not be forgotten. We provide an extension guarantee and send SMS reminders.
Give a gift card for quality time in Mosjøen - and we'll make sure the gift is used!

No forgotten gift cards

SMS reminders
Pling! Always nice to have a reminder in a busy everyday life. We send friendly reminders via SMS when we see that the recipient may have forgotten their gift.
Extension warranty
Do you not have time to use the gift card before the expiry date? Zero problem! We'll extend it for you, no questions asked. We call it "Extension warranty".
Impossible to lose
Gift cards from Givn are always linked to name and telephone number. If it is lost, we always find it again in our systems.

What our customers think

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