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Pop Inn Vinbar

Skiens unike vinbarer med vin fra Italia og Romania


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Gavekort Pop Inn
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I våre vinbarer får du gode opplevelser. Det er en fin gave å gi til andre. Gavekortet kan brukes i både Lundegata og på Tømmerkaia.



En kveld i vinbarene er mer enn å drikke vin. Her får du en opplevelse med unikt interiør og god stemning preget av gamle dager.

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Questions & answers

What is Givn?

Givn facilitates for Pop Inn Vinbar to sell gift cards digitally. We collect payment, create the gift cards and send them out on behalf of Pop Inn Vinbar .

For how long are the gift cards valid?

The gift cards are valid for a minimum of one year, sometimes longer. Check each individual gift card to see how long it is valid for.

We extend the validity period if necessary (special exceptions apply).

Are there any fees?

No, there are no fees for either the buyer or the recipient. You only pay the value of the gift card.

Can the gift card be used multiple times?

Yes, the gift cards can be used several times - until they are empty :)

Can I customize the gift card with personal information?

Yes, you do this after you have completed the payment. We will send an email with instructions.

Do I have the right to cancel?

Yes, the right of cancellation for gift cards is 14 days. If you change your mind, we will refund the full amount to your account.

How can I deliver the gift card?

You can send the gift card digitally via SMS, chat or e-mail. Or you can print it out and give it physically. You choose this after completing payment.

How can I retrieve gift cards that have been lost?

Recipients can easily retrieve lost gift cards via Your gift cards at the top of this page, or on

How do you use the gift card?

On the gift card there is a code that works as a payment at Pop Inn Vinbar .

How do I get answers to other questions?

Chat with us to get answers to other questions you have about gift cards from Pop Inn Vinbar .