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KUMI Oslobukta

KUMI is a plant-based restaurant and brunch bar


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À la carte
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Valid for 1 year

Gavekortet kan brukes på alt av mat og drikke på brunsj og middagsmeny innenfor åpningstid.

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Brunsj for to med drikke
NOK 950
Valid for 1 year

Vår signatur salvie mimosa og delemeny med våre mest populære brunsjretter.

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Middag for to med drikke
NOK 1,100
Valid for 1 year

Kokkens utvalg av retter med dessert og et utvalgt glass økologisk naturvin.



Plant-based and vegetarian restaurant and brunch bar at the waterfront in Oslobukta. Join us for a buzzing brunch or a tranquil dinner with modern plant-based comfort food. Our food, drinks and wines are organic - good for you, good for the bees.


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Operagata 71b, 0194, Oslo

Questions & answers

What is Givn?

Givn facilitates for KUMI Oslobukta to sell gift cards online. We collect payment, create the gift cards and send them out on behalf of .KUMI Oslobukta

For how long are the gift cards valid?

The gift cards are valid for a minimum of one year. Check each individual gift card to see how long it is valid for. By using our Extension Guarantee, the recipient can ask us to extend the validity period at any time.

What does the gift card look like?

The gift cards have different designs, depending on how you choose to give it.

The printable version you print yourself has a nice design that is suitable for putting in an envelope or gift box. The digital version is suitable for viewing on a mobile phone and has useful features such as balance, maps and more.

Are there any fees?

No, there are no fees. You only pay for the value of the gift cards you buy.

There are also no fees for the recipient of the gift cards.

How do you find a lost gift card?

You can safely and easily search for gift cards that have been lost via "Your gift cards" on Or by contacting Givn.

Can I deliver digitally?

Yes, you can send the gift card by SMS. In this case, the recipient opens the gift card on their mobile phone.

How do I get answers to other questions?
Contact us to get answers to other questions you have.