This is how Givn works

Find the experience you want to give at
Give a gift card for a specific experience or choose a flexible gift card that allows the lucky person to choose the experience themselves.
Pay by card, Vipps or invoice
You get access to the gift cards after you have paid. Companies order here.
Make the gift personal and choose the delivery method
Read on to understand how to personalize and deliver the gift with Givn.

3 ways to give

Christmas present or birthday present? Formal or informal? Choose the method that best suits the occasion.

Illustration showing that you can customize the gift cards with a greeting, picture, video or GIF

Make it personal

Add more personality to the gift by writing some well-chosen words, uploading a photo or video - or perhaps a funny GIF? We have the tools. You decide how much you want to put into it.

Impossible to lose

Regardless of how you choose to give the gift, the gift card is always linked to your name and phone number. If it is lost, we always find it again in our systems.

Easy to use

The gift cards have a unique and secret gift card code. This gives the recipient to the staff at the place where the gift card is used.


Giving creates good experiences for both the giver and the recipient.

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